icon Marine Corps Association & Foundation’s 2019 Premier Event Packages

For more than 16 years, the Marine Corps Association & Foundation has hosted numerous events supporting the Marine Corps and recognizing individual Marines. Our events range from professional dinners in the National Capital Region featuring senior leaders in the Department of Defense and the Marine Corps and award presentation to Marines of all ranks who have excelled within occupational fields to events and receptions for Marines from Camp Lejeune to Camp Pendleton to Okinawa, Japan. We have even ventured to Milwaukee, Boston, Detroit, Phoenix, New Orleans, St. Louis, and even Charlotte to provide our great events for active duty and veteran Marines throughout the world.

Our 2019 Premier Event Package* includes the following:

  • 16th Annual Ground Awards Dinner (Hosted for Deputy Commandant, Plans, Policies, & Operations)
  • 16th Annual C4 Awards Dinner (Hosted for Director, Command, Control, Computers and Communications)
  • 15th Annual Logistics Awards Dinner (Hosted for Deputy Commandant, Installations & Logistics)
  • 9th Annual Intelligence Awards Dinners (Hosted for Director, Intelligence)
  • Ground Dinner (Hosted for Deputy Commandant, Plans, Policies, & Operations)
  • Combat Development Dinner (Hosted for Deputy Commandant, Combat Development & Integration)

That’s a total of 6 events in the Premier Event Package. All sponsorships include the company logo in the event programs, on event signage, on the event registration webpage and on the MCA&F sponsorship page.

Other events which may be added (or substituted) to the Premier Event Package include:

  • Ammo Tech Awards Reception
  • 9th Annual I MEF Dinner (in association with the Marine West Expo)
  • II MEF Dinner (in association with the Marine South Expo)
  • Hawaii Professional Dinner
  • Albany (GA) Professional Dinner
  • III MEF Okinawa Professional Dinner
  • Wounded Warrior Leadership Awards
  • Acquisition Awards Dinner

Our sponsorship packages are as follows:

Package Cost # of Seats # of VIP passes
Premier Bronze $10,000 4 per event 2 per event
Premier Silver $15,000 8 per event 2 per event
Premier Gold $20,000 12 per event 2 per event
Premier Diamond $30,000 16 per event 4 per event
Premier Platinum $50,000 25 per event All guests attend

*If there is a group of 6 dinners that fit better into your corporate model, we are happy to allow you to customize your sponsorship to best fit your organization’s needs.