[b] Anniversary Issue Full of Memories [/b]

The 100th Anniversary issue of Leatherneck is chock-full of memories for me. I was the administrative assistant to the editor and publisher, Colonel Don Dickson, USMCR (Ret), until I retired from active duty in 1968.

Lou Lowery was a dear friend of mine and I was there when he retired from Leatherneck. Tom Bartlett and Bob Bowen were also friends. I just ordered Bob’s book, “My Life and Lens: The Story of a Marine Corps Combat Correspondent.”

Tom wrote a two-page story about me, “The Two Faces of Bud DeVere,” in the March 1980 issue and I was on the cover as a look-alike of John Philip Sousa, photographed by Leatherneck art director John DeGrasse.

Thanks for the memories.

MSgt Carl M. “Bud” DeVere Sr. USMC (Ret)

Longmont, Colo.