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    Capt Harb, thanks for providing your professional input to identify and recommend outcomes to make better warfighters across the GCE/MAGTF (“The War Academy,” MCG, Dec19); it exemplifies the spirit of the 38th Commandant’s Planning Guidance in that, “We will [only] succeed by continually challenging the status quo and asking ourselves— is there a way to cause a better outcome?” One of my priorities throughout TECOM focuses on using a problem-posing methodology where our students/trainees are challenged with problems that they tackle as groups in order to learn by doing and also from each other, with the outcome to hone our “Intellectual Edge.” Your well-timed input, specifically related to MCTOG, echoes feedback over the last several years which has served as a catalyst for MCTOG to evolve the TMIC course into a recently piloted new course. With the approval of BGen Turner and I, the new course is now called the Advanced Maneuver Warfare Course (AMWC). The new AMWC includes aspects of your recommendations with the additional focus to transition MCTOG from an industrial model to an information age approach; we will also study your recommendations to further refine the new AMWC.

    Students in AMWC are immersed in multiple opportunities to conduct hasty operations planning, fight against a thinking adversary (fellow students), and demonstrate their understanding of maneuver warfare by using multiple fast-paced iterations of tactical decision games, kriegspiels, and decision forcing cases. In addition to building tactical warfighters, AMWC stresses unit readiness planning through the understanding of design to prepare GCE battalion and regimental operations and intelligence officers and chiefs to step into the seat today and meet the demands of their billet.

    Please reach out to MCTOG and discuss the new AMWC course. I believe it will exceed your expectations and energize follow-on discussions as we challenge ourselves to maximize the execution of our warfighting philosophy.

    MajGen W. F. Mullen III


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