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    Brian Russell

    Overall I think the new website is an improvement over the previous site. Here are some ideas to improve usability of the current site. I am coming at this from an “ease of use,” “access to content,” and “spread the word” perspective.

    1. Let’s start with the monthly email I get from the associate alerting me a new Gazette is available. Good: links to the feature article(s) take you straight to that content. Bad: the “Visit Gazette” button takes you to a series of log in and link sequences before you get to any actual content. BLUF: too many clicks before you get to actual content. Examples:
    a. If you choose the login option, you will go to another page to enter your login information. Once you do that you are directed back to the main page and must then click an option to get to the magazine, blog, web extra, etc.
    b. If you choose one of the option links (magazine, blog, etc) you are also directed to the login page and after completing login you are directed back to the main page for another round of clicks to get to content.
    2. Magazine accessibility. Good: two options to either read online or download pdf. Bad: the read on line option doesn’t work well on a smart phone so the pdf option is better for mobile devices. RFI: is the Gazette still maintaining the smartphone app for mobile access? I can’t access mine (login/password issue) and my email to the help center provided by the app came back undeliverable.
    3. Gazette forum. Truth in advertising: I am not a blogger so I am limited in my experience here but think there is room for improvement even for neophytes like me. Examples:
    a.Also too many clicks to get to the actual forum. Once past login you must click the Gazette Forum tab only to be brought to another page with three options: web articles, the forum and Corps voices. Why do I need to click on the forum tab a second time to get there?
    b. Blogging for Dummies. I don’t really know what to do with the coding buttons at the top of the comment box. Perhaps a link to a “how to” for folks new to this. I did a Google search but again I’ve already clicked on several things just to get to this point – and at this point I’m less that interested in going through this effort to comment on some of the thought provoking articles in the Gazette.
    b. Seems isolated (Part 1). I’d like to see the ability to comment directly within an article based on something I’m reading, say a particular passage. Now it seems I have to read an article and then go to the blog to comment. Would like more interactivity.
    c. Seems isolated (Part 2). I’d also like to be able to “tag” the authors or fellow members to bring their attention to my comments and I don’t see a way to do that here. I also don’t see a quick/easy way to post a link to the blog to my social media accounts to get the word out and generate more discussion.

    I like the way the site is headed I just think overall it needs to be easier to use.


    Unable to access shop from here or direct access.


    Piling on rather late here, but the forum needs some serious work to make it user friendly. Forums I used 15 years ago to talk about comics on the internet (don’t judge) were much easier to use than this one is right now. Did MCA buy this from someone, because if so, they were sold a bill of goods. If not, get more hamsters on the wheel and fix this thing!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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