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    Eric Chase

    First, I applaud Mr. Hogue’s timely and insightful piece about how the services should properly relate to and support (or not support) Non- Federal Entities. In additions to well articulated view, the piece is short primer on current law and policy.

    Second, for my brief comment here, I’ll limit it to one overall observation, and one specific suggestion. The overall point is that Bob’s description of the multitude of issues suggests that the uniformed services should appoint a task force to review current law and policy to develop recommendations to assure consistency among different laws, regulations, orders policies, practices that apply to service “interactions with NFEs.” I agree.

    The other point of concern to me would be to make sure that certain kinds of existing organizations, such as the Marine Corps Association and Foundation and the Naval Institute, can continue with their missions and purposes and their publications intact. In my estimation, these organizations, with their venerable histories of regular publications and value to the uniformed services, should be models for NFEs deserving of the highest level of institutional support. Mr. Hogue hints at ways to accomplish what needs to be done, and the services should take the appropriate steps.

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