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Purple Heart Buddy Run
April 05, 2020 / 00:00 to 23:30
Purple Heart Buddy Run

During this time of uncertainty, MCAF’s Virtual Challenge Series is a great opportunity to both honor the Marines of the past and support Today’s Marines. The Challenge Series is one of the few athletic events that is not impacted by the spread of the Coronavirus and can serve as both an opportunity to support Today’s Marines and as a way to promote camaraderie between Marines and friends of the Corps, even if you cannot be together physically.  Please share the Challenge with your friends and family on social media to spread awareness of this safe way to support Today’s Marines and remain active. The Purple Heart Buddy Run is the next event in the series, and we encourage you to participate in this timely and motivating challenge.

Run, walk, bike, or swim 17 miles on April 5th cumulatively with a buddy (or team) to honor those who have received the Purple Heart medal. The medal is awarded to service members who have been wounded or killed while serving on or after April 5, 1917. You do not have to be physically with your buddy or team to participate in the Challenge. Participants will be able to run with their fellow Marines, friends, and families even if the Marine Corps (or COVID 19) has separated them by thousands of miles. The first 300 participants to register for the vent will receive an exclusive event pin.

The registration fee is $26 and all proceeds benefit our Foundation’s programs for Marines.

How to Join the Challenge:
1. Click the Register button below and complete the registration process
2. Contact your buddy or team and tell them to register here: https://mca-marines.org/virtual-run-registration/

How to Track Your Mileage with Your Buddy
1.  Both you and your buddy should go to the App or Google Play Store on your mobile device
2. Download the app “Map My Run by Under Armour” (the app icon is blue with a white UA logo and is free)
3. Create your account
4. Add “Marine Corps Association” as your friend
5. Your friend request will be accepted within 48 hours
6. You will then receive a notification that you have been invited to the “Purple Heart Buddy Run Challenge”
7. Click on the notification then click on the green “Join Challenge” button
8. Click here if you need help using the “Map My Run” app*
Note – If you are already friends with Marine Corps Association on the MapMyRun app, we will send you an invite to the Challenge within 48 hours of registration.
9. Email e.reinwald@mca-marines.org and let MCA&F know who your buddy or team is so your mileage can be combined and added to our leaderboard.

Click here to view the FAQs page.

Click here to view the leaderboard.

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