Call to Action: More on Strategy

By Burke Tysen

Readers with a deeper interest in national and military strategy can read a review of Michaeil O’Hanlon’s book: “The Senkaku Pardox – Risking Great Power War Over Small Stakes” posted by Colonel Amy Ebitz under “Related Posts”.

Regarding the value of speculative (science) fiction and fantasy readings for military professional development, modern neuroscience indicates that viewing a problem through an alternative or unorthodox “lens” can increase creativity in developing solutions.  For more on this subject read “Useful Fiction” by August Cole here.

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Book Review: “The Senkaku Paradox — Risking Great Power War Over Small Stakes” by Michael E. O’Hanlon

Brookings Institution Press Washington, D.C. 2019 Post by Colonel Amy Ebitz Michael O’Hanlon’s latest book is an analysis of the

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