Call to Action: Ender’s Game

Since the creation of the Commandant’s Professional Reading List in 1988, Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card book has been required reading for all Marines.  At the time, the book was considered a primary tool to illustrate many of the principles of Maneuver Warfare.  In addition, the book presented visionary ideas about wargames, and realistic force-on-force “free-play” training. 

Much has changed in the last 31 years.  Is Ender’s Game still important enough to be required reading for all Marines?

How does Ender employ trust tactics, commander’s intent and mission orders in training the Dragon Army and when fighting the Formics (aka buggers)?

Have the books ideas on the importance of wargames in training tactical decision makers become reality in the Marine Corps?  Why or why not?

What message does the book convey to Marines about ethical leadership?  Is Ender a positive example of an ethical leader?

In 2013 Ender’s Game was released as a movie.  Is the film as thought provoking as the book?  How do they differ?  Should the movie be on the Commandant’s Watch List, if such a thing existed?  Refer to the May 2019 edition of the Gazette: “The Commandants’ Watch List” by 1st Lt Isaac Caughran.