War in 2030 and before

When i was really young, in my 10th year of life i owned an AMIGA 500 computer. This remember me a game i played a lot, called Nuclear War ( You can find it here remember to own a original copy of the game), This game can be played also in the new Amiga 500 mini just released in the shops. All this to say why not play a War instead of doing it for real??? just a simulation, who won the game is the winner and it is the same as the real but without loseing a lot of human lifes.
For now (in the actual war) i have also developed a chatbot that if developed in the right way can be used in the camp helping nurses and medics to help fallen marines and families, the example works with an Apple ii computer or emulator like applewin but there are a lot of chatbot along the internet and way to build them like snatchbot here: that give the easy of use to develop achatbot without knowing all codings but only a little. If you want to read my book check here:
Also cars and copters and airplane could works without any human and also humanoid robots by using techincs like this one from lego mindstorm and perfectioning it read it here : it is in italian but can be translated easly with google translator.