Call to Action: Does the Corps Need a New Warfighting Doctrine, or Does MCDP-1 need the “Old Corps?”

Based on the Corps operating concepts for Expeditionary Advanced Based Operations (EABO) and Stand-in Forces (SIF) is the warfighting doctrine based on Maneuver Warfare and published over 30 years ago, in a distinctly different operating environment, still relevant?  Does the Corps need a new “warfighting philosophy?”  

In “Maneuverist Paper #19,” which was published in the April edition of the Gazette, “Marinus” the author of the Maneuverist Papers series argues that the fast-paced operational, structural and organizational changes detailed in the Tentative Manual for EABO, and Force Design 2030 will render MCDP-1 Warfighting obsolete and could even hazard the Corps’ established role in national defense.

Or is this the wrong argument?  In order to remain the nation’s force-in-readiness and a credible deterrent against an adversary with the will to operate in the “gray zones” of extra-legal bullying and brinksmanship combined with the capability to deny access and render our existing “stand-off” platforms and capabilities irrelevant, what concepts, capabilities and doctrine does the Corps need to modernize and meet the challenges of the current operating environment.

Take an look at “Maneuverist #19” here.

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