The Tea Boiled Over by Capt Lakyra Pharms

In an excellent “future history” essay, Capt Lakyra Pharms offers a chilling post mortem for the Marine Corps.  The author proposes that a Corps that does not reflect the diversity of a changing American population and that lacks relevance in the Joint Force may be disbanded by 2040.  As Capt Pharms asserts: “…the Marine Corps’ failure to embrace a culture of inclusion was making it a sore in the eyes of the American public.”

Does the future of the Corps depend in part on reflecting the diverse makeup of the Nation?  How do Marine Corps recruiting and officer accession standards limit the Corps ability to “look like America?” What role does diversity and cohesion play in the combat effectiveness that is the metric by which a military organization is judged?

Read the article by Capt Pharms here!