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Articles about Marines whose military careers took them to the final frontier.

A Career Filled with Adventure for Apollo 13’s Fred HaiseNancy S. LichtmanLeatherneck April 2020As the 50th anniversary of “NASA’s finest hour” is commemorated this month, Marine veteran Fred Haise reflects on his remarkable career as a pilot and astronaut.
Blast OffSSgt Bob Bowen, USMCLeatherneck July 2019When the Apollo 10 spacecraft blasted off from Cape Kennedy several Marines were among those closest to the launch pad.
Colonel John H. Glenn Jr.Mike HoeferlinLeatherneck
February 2012
Combat-tested pilot and first American to orbit the Earth.
Major General Charles F. Bolden Jr., USMC (Ret)Sara W. BockLeatherneck May 2018Hard work, perseverance launched his dreams into motion.
Spacecraft RecoveryNancy S. LichtmanLeatherneck May 2016Marine Aviation played a critical role at the dawn of the space age.
The Marine from NASAAllan T. DuffinLeatherneck July 2010Col George D. Zamka’s nearly three-decade Marine career is packed with diversity and tremendous achievements.