icon 30 Gifts for Marines

1. Wooden Storage Boxes

These handcrafted wooden storage boxes are a great way to store your Marine Corps mementos. Made in the USA, both boxes can also be engraved to add a personal touch.

Regular Price: $89.95 – $119.95

On Sale November 1st – 30th: 35% Off

2. Coolmax Polos

Coolmax polos are must-haves for any Marine. With an embroidered Eagle, Globe, and Anchor on the chest, Marines can dress up while showing their Marine Corps pride. The polos are made of high-quality materials and come in 8 colors.

Regular Price: $54.95

On Sale November 2nd – 30th:
Buy 1 get 20% Off, Buy 2 get 30% Off, Buy 3 or More get 40% Off

3. Uniform stockings

Forget Ho, Ho, Ho; put a little Oorah in your Christmas decorations! With dress blue and camo options, these stockings will look great on the mantle of any Marine.

Regular Price: $24.95

On Sale
November 3rd – 30th: 50% Off

4. Challenge Coins

Challenge coins are the perfect gift for showing your appreciation or acknowledging a milestone. Whether your Marine is a hard charging veteran or a brand-new recruit, you can’t go wrong with a Marine Corps challenge coin!

Regular Price: $8.50 – $19.95

On Sale November 4th – 30th: Buy One Get One 60% Off

5. Marine Corps Emblem Coin Box

Marines love challenge coins, but most end up stashed away in a drawer or scattered throughout the house. Your Marine can display their coins proudly and attractively with this solid wood box made in the USA.

Regular Price: $54.95

On Sale November 5th – 30th: 30% Off

6. USMC Golf Shorts

Replace your Marine’s boring golf shorts with these high-performance USMC ones! They not only have an Eagle, Globe, and Anchor on them, but are also built with a mobile fabric, stretch waistband, and a new streamlined fit to reduce drag on every swing.

Regular Price: $69.95

On Sale November 6th – 30th: 35% Off

7. Marine Wallets

We all know a Marine who has had the same wallet for years. Do them a favor and get them a new Marine Corps wallet they are sure to love. Whether leather, nylon, or even a money clip, there’s one for every Marine. 

Regular Price: $12.95 – $29.95

On Sale November 7th – 14th: Buy any Wallet or Money Clip and Receive a FREE Phone Wallet

8. Mammoth Puffer Hood

Give the gift of warmth and style with this sleek puffer jacket.  The Sherpa lining keeps your Marine feeling warm while the storm technology keeps them protected from the elements. Add an Eagle, Globe, and Anchor to the chest and you have found the perfect jacket for any Marine!  

Regular Price: $129.99

On Sale November 8th – 30th: $89.99

9. Italian Leather Organizers

Members of the world’s finest fighting force need to stay organized too! Use these genuine Italian leather organizers to keep all of their paperwork and notes in one place and looking professional. 

Regular Price: $74.95

On Sale November 9th – 30th: Buy One Get One 50% Off

10. Official USMC Ka-Bars

The most famous fixed blade knife in the world, the Ka-Bar was designed to serve our troops during WWII. The Ka-Bar would look great in your Marine’s office or “I love me” room and can be personalized.

Regular Price: $99.95

On Sale November 10th: Buy A Ka-Bar and Get 40% Off the Rest of Your

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11. Ka-Bar Displays

Does your Marine already have a Ka-Bar? Make sure they can show it off with one of these handsome displays. The versatility of the displays allows you to find the best fit for your Marine.

Regular Price: $54.95 – $109.95

On Sale November 11th – 30th: 35% Off

12. “This Is My Coffee” Mug

Marines and rifles go together like Marines and coffee! Combine both of their “must haves” with this humorous mug that is sure to become an instant favorite.

Regular Price: $14.95

On Sale November 12th – 19th: $9.99

13. USMC Cornhole Sets

Marine Corps cornhole sets are great for backyard barbeques, unit family days, and weekend hangouts with friends.  Whether your Marine is a pro or just looking to have fun, these boards are sure to impress.

Regular Price: $299.99

On Sale November 13th – 30th: $50.00 Off

14. Tide Chaser Shirt

Is your Marine an outdoorsman? This tide chaser shirt will keep them cool in the elements and looks great on Marines young and old. Whether they wear it camping and fishing or just in the backyard, Marines will want to wear it every time they head outside. 

Regular Price: $74.95

On Sale November 14th – 30th:
24.5% Off

15. MCA&F Membership

Whether your Marine is active duty or a veteran, enlisted or officer, young or old, a MCA&F membership is universal and a must have for all Marines. 

Regular Price: $42.00 – $119.00

On Sale Starts: November 15th – $5 off One Year (Code: SAVE5), $10 off Two Years (Code: SAVE10), $15 Off Three Years
(Code: SAVE15)

16. Boxed Decanter Set

When it’s time to unwind, make sure your Marine is well-equipped. This decanter set will immediately upgrade their at home drinking experience and make them the envy of their fellow Marines. 

Regular Price: $199.95

On Sale November 16th- 23rd: 25% Off

17. Marine Corps Belts

Complete your Marine’s out of uniform look with a high quality leather belt. Choose black or brown; Eagle, Globe, and Anchor on the buckle or the belt itself; you can’t go wrong.

Regular Price: $44.95 – $64.95

On Sale November 17th – 30th: Buy One Get 20% Off Buy Two or More Get 30% Off

18. Semper Fidelis Wind Jacket

Made from high quality materials, this lightweight jacket is exactly what your Marine needs when heading outside. Give them an excuse to get rid of their old go to jacket and upgrade to one that shows their Marine Corps pride.

Regular Price: $89.95

On Sale November 18th – 30th: Buy the Jacket Get Any Hat 50% Off

19. Woodland Camo Backpack

Keep your Marine’s gear safe in this durable camo backpack. Multiple interior compartments and a handy carrying handle make it functional as well as nice to look at.

Regular Price: $59.95

On Sale November 19th – 30th: 35% Off

20. Khaki EGA Cap

This hat is The Marine Shop’s best seller for a reason. Its classic style combined with the comfort of 100% cotton make it a great choice for any Marine.

Regular Price: $14.95

On Sale November 20th – 30th: $9.99

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21. Classic Leatherneck Tee

This vintage Leatherneck t-shirt is an exclusive Marine Shop design you won’t find anywhere else. Dress it up with a blazer to wear to dinner or throw on a pair of shorts and do yard work, the shirt is versatile and makes your Marine look good no matter what they are doing.

Regular Price: $24.95

On Sale November 21st – 30th: $17.75

22. Call Sign Chaos

When one of the most iconic Marines of this generation writes an autobiography, your Marine has to read it. “Engage your brain before you engage your weapon.”

Regular Price: $28.00

On Sale November 22nd – 30th:

23. USMC Color Block Sweatshirt

Does your Marine wear the same handful of sweatshirts? Not only does this sweatshirt look great, it is also extremely comfortable. When they get it, don’t be surprised if they never take it off. 

Regular Price: $49.95

On Sale November 25th – 30th: 30% Off

24. Coat of Honor Coat Rack

Just like a Marine, this coat of honor does double duty; it holds your jackets and looks great. If your Marine already has enough Marine Corps apparel (can they ever have enough?) make sure they have a place to hang them.

On Sale November 25th – 30th: 15% Off

25. Yellow Footprints Tumbler

Don’t let your Marine drink out of any old tumbler. Give them this Viking tumbler with the yellow footprints to remind them of earning the title and everything they have accomplished as a Marine.  

Regular Price: $19.95

On Sale November 25th – 28th: $9.99

26. Marine Corps Holiday Decor

Make sure all of your holiday visitors know a Marine lives in your house! Deck the halls with combat boot ornaments, nutcrackers standing at attention, and a Semper Fidelis tree skirt!

On Sale November 26th – 30th: +40% Off Holiday Decor

27. Lightweight Marine 1/4 Zip

This versatile Marine Corps ¼ zip can be worn on the links, out to dinner, or even at the office. The perfect mix of comfort, style, and Marine Corps Pride. 

Regular Price: $72.95

On Sale November 27th – 30th: 30% Off

28. Drill Instructor Tee

Created by The Marine Shop’s in-house graphic designer, this USMC graphic tee will take any Marine’s t-shirt collection to the next level. Made from ringspun cotton, it will keep them comfortable as well.  

Regular Price: $24.95

On Sale November 28th – 30th: Buy the Tee, Get A Free USMC Emblem & Hymn Ornament

29. Globe Decanter Set

This decanter set puts a new twist, or should we say spin, on drinking at home. The spherical shape with the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor is sure to be a talking point the next time your Marine is drinking with their buddies.

Regular Price: $179.95

On Sale: November 29th
– 20% Off

30. MCAF Donation

Are you tired of hearing “I don’t need anything” when you ask your Marine what they want for the holidays? Surprise them with a meaningful gift that supports their fellow Marines. Make a donation to the Marine Corps Association Foundation in their honor. 

Regular Price: $1

On Sale November 30th – December 31st: Donations are Tripled Up to $25,000

All Sales are subject to change and limited to stock on hand.